Did you Know that Maple Syrup Could Very Well Save your Life?

maple syrup

We all love maple syrup – the real stuff; not that stuff that’s just trying to be maple syrup and failing miserably. It’s delicious, and it makes all French toast, waffles and pancakes taste about a thousand times more delicious. New research, however, suggests that we might take a newfound liking to maple syrup as it’s now known it is a food that is more than just good for us. It’s actually healthy to the point that it can save your life. Did you know that? I didn’t. Maple syrup, in concentrated quantities, is able to weaken bacteria and make it more susceptible to the antibiotics prescribed by doctors to those suffering from illness.

What this means for all of us is that the face of the medical community, and our health, is changing rapidly. With a bit of maple syrup, antibiotics are better able to do their job. This could mean we need fewer antibiotics to the same job with the addition of maple syrup. This could minimize illness, health care costs and prescription doses in the future. In a state in which the health care system is in complete disarray, this is news that’s certainly good for the rest of us. The research comes from McGill University, where researchers found that combining maple syrup extract with antibiotics has a promising effect on the lifespan of bacteria – killing it much faster.

This news could not come at a better time, either, as it is becoming more and more prominent that the American people are more immune to antibiotics than ever before. The Centers for Disease Control announced that there are around 2 million people each year becoming sick thanks to a developed immunity to antibiotics, and this could be the answer that the country is looking for to keep people healthier. The suggestion is that the introduction of maple syrup extract allows antibiotics to permeate the life force of bacteria, making it far easier to break it down and kill it.

More research is being conducted and more studies are being given, but the news is currently promising.

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