Is Your Kitchen is Making You Overweight?

Your kitchen could be making you overweight. Seriously, it’s not something we’re making up. Your kitchen could actually make you gain weight and it’s not even your own fault – well, mostly. The trick to getting thin and staying healthy is to have a skinny kitchen. No, we’re not talking a one-person galley, we’re talking a different kind of skinny.

Decorative Jars

Look around; does your kitchen have a couple of sweet decorative jars or holiday decorative jars on the counter? If so, that’s really a great way to decorate. However, what’s in those jars? Is it sweet treats such as candy bars and even nuts? If so, you’re looking at hundreds of unhealthy calories in plain sight all the time. This could cause you to snack and put on weight without even realizing you are doing it.

A Full Pantry

People make fun of my fridge and pantry because both always look empty. However, my husband and kids and I always have plenty to eat. Why does it look empty? Because we don’t purchase junk food that sits around the house tempting us; we buy it when we want it and only buy it in small packages so we eat a little and there’s none left. Additionally, we keep mostly fruits and vegetables and fresh foods that don’t sit on shelves in the fridge or pantry making it look full. You won’t find boxes of cereal or poptarts or snacks.

Empty Stove Space

Experts recommend that you put the things you use the most to cook, such as your spices, olive oil and salt and pepper close to your stove. This way, when it’s time to cook you can easily reach the things you use the most. Experts believe people who don’t see these items right away are more likely to order out than to cook because they simply don’t feel like dragging everything out and making a fuss to cook.


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