Improve Your Body Image to Become Happier

Looking in the mirror or at supermodels on runways can make even the fittest, healthiest woman feel less than great about her body. Body image is something that women have a hard time with, no matter how good they really look. When you look in the mirror, chances are good that what you see is not what’s there. It’s common for women to look at their bodies in the mirror and think that something is too big or not big enough or too imperfect. The truth is; we are all imperfect, but that doesn’t mean your body image should suffer.

Appreciate Your Body’s Abilities

The next time you want to look in the mirror and criticize your body, remember all that it is capable of. It’s capable of creating life, of getting you where you need to go, of making it possible for you to enjoy long walks and the taste of amazing food. It’s capable of allowing you to hold close the people who meant the most to you. Your body is pretty amazing.

Spend Time With Positive People

If your circle of friends is full of women who hate their bodies, ditch them. You don’t need women like that in your life. Positive self-image is what you need. Find friends who embrace their best and their worst at the same time. Spending time with women who spend much of their time talking about needing to lose weight or needing to tone their already perfect thighs is not good for your own body image.

Stop Your Thoughts

When your thoughts turn negative, stop them. When you hear yourself start to think that you just wish you had longer legs or more muscular arms, stop yourself and concentrate on your gorgeous eyes or your perfect skin tone. Your body image isn’t just about what you deem imperfect; it’s about what you love, too.


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