Three Vital Tips to Having Great Health

Women’s health is a big issue, especially for women (what? I’m pregnant and sleep-deprived and overwhelmed how much energy brushing my teeth consumes this third pregnancy). We know that we have to take care of our bodies and make sure we pay attention to how we feel, slow down when we’re overwhelmed and love our bodies. So, why then, do we not do that, ever? We find ourselves in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru again (and blaming it on the fact that it’s Sunday and Chick-Fil-A is closed does not excuse this, though it is completely relatable) instead of cooking something healthy or rescheduling that annual exam because, well, it’s uncomfortable. Here are three things we must do in regards to women’s health.

Go to the Doctor

Don’t put it off. Women’s health recommendations state that we need to get a few things done each year, such as teeth cleanings, annual exams and annual physicals. No, none of them are as much fun as a day at the spa with our girlfriends, but if we want to live to see another day at the spa with our girlfriends, we really need to get checked out. It’s a few hours once a year – even if it does feel like that day arrives faster than any other day of the year.

Eat Right

No more fries. No more milkshakes (I’m passing the tissues now). We have to eat healthy. It’s a women’s health issue that’s so easy to undertake but so few of us do it. It’s not that difficult to forgo the potatoes for cauliflower or the burger for grilled chicken. Once you make it a habit it becomes easy.


Really, this is not hard at all and it’s not something we dread. It is, however, something we always say we haven’t any time for. It’s time to stop with the busy schedules and plan some good old fashioned relaxation. It will make us feel better.


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