How to Stop Stress Before it Starts

There are a million articles out there telling you how to avoid stress and how to make stress stop (I should know, I’ve written a few myself). However, sometimes we need to stop stress before it starts, which means we don’t need to get rid of stress once we have it. I’m all for stopping stress before it starts, because I just don’t have time for it. I imagine most people simply don’t have time for it. On that note, let’s get started stopping our stress before it starts.


Before you start your day and the stress starts rolling in, get in a good workout. Exercise creates good endorphins that help to create happiness in your body; it also helps to relieve stress. Working out now could help you deal with stress that occurs later.

Don’t Relive the Bad

When your girlfriends call and ask how you’ve been, try not to complain to her about all of the bad things that have been happening in your life. Instead, tell her something good, such as the flowers you just planted or the spa day you had over the weekend. By reliving good memories, you are easing up your stress before it even starts.

Take a Happy Break

Have you ever noticed that when life gets a little hectic we end up putting off fun and doing the mundane and depressing? I mean, laundry is not fun, so why do we spend our weekends washing it when we can ignore it for a long walk around the lake or a day trip to the beach? Taking a fun break is a great way to ward off stress that will start to appear as the day wears on.

Savor a Moment

Pick a happy moment and do absolutely nothing but relish it. That happy feeling will help you deal with stress later on.


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