3 Things That Can Help You Unwind Before Bedtime

Most of you are looking for help finding things to help you unwind before bedtime.  This is a very valid subject to research because our sleep is important.  It helps us be more productive, fights obesity and have better overall health.  It is unreasonable to expect our bodies to be able to fall asleep quickly if we have went at a dead run all day long and not gave our bodies a chance to calm down before bedtime.  Here are some things that you can try to help you unwind before bedtime.

One thing you can try to help you unwind is to shut off all of your electronics an hour or two before bedtime.  Staying connected constantly isn’t good for any of us.  If you are constantly checking your email or social media, you aren’t allowing your body the time it needs to unplug.

Another thing you can try to help you unwind before bedtime is enjoy some light reading.  Reading is usually a less stimulating activity than watching television.  Be choosy in what you decide to read before bedtime.  If you read something action packed, it stands to reason that you will not relax as easily.  Choose options that are more light-hearted and not so exciting.

Change into your pajamas about an hour before bedtime.  This is a visible signal that will help you unwind.  You are reminding yourself that bedtime is coming.

Another thing you can do to help you unwind before bedtime is have a light snack.  It is best to pair some complex carbs with a bit of protein such as some peanut butter on whole wheat toast.  This is a snack that will help you feel full and help you to also relax.

Sleep is important and it makes sense to get the best rest you can.



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