Health Problems You Might Inherit from Your Mother

As you get older you probably see a bit of your mother in your own personality – whether you like it or not. Perhaps you hear her come out of your mouth when you’re talking to your kids or when you are in the midst of arguing with a sales associate about her lack of competence. It might make you cringe or it might make you smile. Either way, your mom shows up in you in other ways and those ways can determine whether or not your health is where it needs to be.

Menopause Chart

Turns out that the age you’ll experience menopause is probably determined by the age of your mother when she goes through it. If you want a fairly accurate time frame in which the big change might happen to you, look no further than your mom. Her biological clock ticks pretty close to yours.

Breast Cancer Risk

If your mom has or had breast cancer, you are at an increased risk for the disease. A staggering 5 to 10 percent of all women diagnosed with breast cancer inherited the disease from their mothers. If your mom had this type of cancer, make sure you stay on top of it and go in for regular checkups with your doctor.

Your Headaches

If your mom suffers from migraine headaches, your chances of suffering from them are 70 to 80 percent higher than those women whose mothers do not suffer from this debilitating pain. Migraines, shocking as this might seem, are genetic. If your mom suffers from them, now is a good time to ask her how she treats them in case you find yourself in the midst of a mind-numbing migraine that makes you want to do nothing more than curl up in a ball and cry your eyes out.


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