Great Foods for Pregnant Women to Eat

If you’re pregnant, you probably think a lot about food.  You probably think about how things you once loved are now awful and things you once swore you’d never touch because they’re so disgusting (mayonnaise?) are now staples in your meals. You probably think about how this might make you feel in terms of sickness and how that might help your sickness. Either way you think a lot about food being a pregnant woman.

If you want to think about it some more – because what else do you have to think about, right? – then you should think about which foods are actually best for you now that you are pregnant. These super foods are great for your pregnant body at any point during your pregnancy.


The sheer amount of calcium and probiotics found in yogurt is staggering. There’s no time in your life in which yogurt is not healthy for you and pregnancy is no exception. Try having at least one container of yogurt each day during pregnancy to boost your health and the health of your baby; you’ll be glad you did.


These delicious little pieces of heaven aren’t just for guacamole – though guac is so delicious. They’re good for your pregnant body. Filled with good fats, folic acid and potassium, these babies can help you avoid things like anemia and other pregnancy related health issues.


You shouldn’t eat them raw (meaning that giant bite of uncooked cookie dough – though decadent – does not count as your daily serving of eggs), but eggs are great for your pregnant body when completely cooked. They’re filled with Vitamin A, iron and protein, all of which are nutrients you and your unborn baby desperately need during pregnancy.

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