10 Good Reasons Not to Drink


Anyone should be able to come up with 10 good reasons not to drink. It’s applying those reasons that’s tough sometimes.

Direct impact on physical health


There are a lot of different ways that alcohol can affect your physical health. Your liver is one of the most common organs people think about, but several other organs suffer.

Indirect impact on physical health


Think about what happens when you drink and begin to totter around. You can harm yourself just by falling, but far too often drunk driving is a result of alcoholism.

Pregnant women are at a huge risk


Anything a woman takes in during her pregnancy is going to affect their unborn child. Unfortunately, even a small drink now and then could be a bad thing.

There is a mental effect


The mental effects are just as numerous when one decides to drink. If you don’t have depression or anxiety it’s still possible to affect your mental state. But if you have either or both conditions, it gets bad.

There’s a huge impact on friends and family


The person doing the drinking isn’t the only one who suffers from this abusive habit. Alcoholism can and does strain relationships and create a constant concern for the affected individual.

Alcoholism isn’t tough to fall into


Sadly, alcoholism is possible when one drinks habitually. It’s not a debate with many people since it’s a very serious disorder. Casual drinks are one thing, but not being able to stop is another.

Suicide is no joke


Too many people who find themselves embroiled in this disorder find no other way out. It’s not a guarantee that such a thing will happen, but the risk grows exponentially.

There’s a hefty financial cost


When the next drink is more important than paying bills, or the medical expenses for hospital visits start piling up, it’s too much. One would think that this would stop most people, but sadly that’s not the case.

Your employment will suffer


How well do people work when they’re drunk? Typically it’s not very well, meaning that choosing to drink over being responsible is going to have long-reaching consequences.

Your nutrition takes a hit too


The strange thing is that alcohol has a lot of calories to it, but no real nutritional value. Not only that, but food becomes less important to a lot of alcoholics.


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