Getting Enough Sleep Has Many Benefits For Your Health

Are you getting enough sleep?   Chances are you aren’t.  Many of us don’t get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep  a night but it turns out that we really should be making a better effort.

Getting enough sleep is vital to your health.  Did you know that if you don’t get enough sleep you are more likely to catch illnesses like a cold or the flu?  Getting enough sleep boosts your immune system to help you fend off germs.

Getting enough sleep can also help you to keep your weight down.  Studies have shown that if you don’t get the recommended amount of sleep your weight is likely to keep creeping up.  It is unknown if there is a link between getting enough sleep and the ability to healthy weight naturally or if it occurs because you are not awake as many hours to eat but the results are very clear that more sleep equals a lower weight.  That’s enough motivation for me.

Getting enough sleep can also ward off diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Our bodies know that they need sleep and they try to give us that message but we ignore it and keep on going which is not a wise decision.

There is also the common sense benefits of getting enough sleep.  When we get enough sleep we feel better and therefore are more productive in our day.  We have more energy and are able to accomplish more.  We are at our best mentally as well and don’t react to situations because of the effects of our fatigue.  Our relationships are better because we are able to treat each other better when we are well rested.

Our bodies were designed to need sleep to for us to be at our best possible self.



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