Get Through Your Middle Of The Afternoon Energy Slump

We all know the feeling that comes when an energy slump hits.  You suddenly feel the opposite of energetic.  You feel sleepy and like you are dragging.  The goal you had of productivity when you started your day now seems like a goal that will not be happening.

What causes this energy slump?  Usually about the time an energy slump hits you is after you have had lunch and you have lost the bright eyed awake feeling that you had when you started your day.   Your morning coffee has work off and you no longer have the kick that burst of caffeine to spur you on.  It is about this time that the temptation to juice up with caffeine again or reach for a sugary treat hits you.  While you can go with either of those options, the kick you will get from them will not help you deal with your energy slump in the best way.  Any caffeine that is consumed after noon can interfere when your sleep that night which in turn hurts your ability to start your morning off right the next day.  A sugary treat will give you a temporary hit of energy but when it wears off, you will feel worse than before.

So what are the best ways to deal with an energy slump?  Taking a short walk can help to fight an energy slump.  If you have time, a walk after lunch is a great way to beat the afternoon energy slump.  If you can’t afford that much time then even a stroll down the hall to make copies or do business with a coworker can help you to wake up a bit.  A healthy snack can also beat an energy slump.  For the best boost, choose a snack that has a bit of healthy carbs and a source of protein.  Good choices would be an apple and a piece of cheese or peanut butter and crackers.  These strategies will kick your energy slump in no time.

Image Credit: Psychologies


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