Four Ways To Get More Out Of Your Doctor Appointments From Now On

If you want to get more out of your doctor appointments, then you have to be proactive about doing your part.  You cannot expect your doctor to work magic if you give him nothing to work with.

If you have more than one concern that you want to talk to the doctor about, be sure to tell the nurse as she is handling the beginning of the appointment.  Nurses are trained to write down your complaints so the doctor knows what they are dealing with before they enter the room.  It isn’t fair to mention to them that you have one more concern to discuss when they are exiting the room.   At that point in the appointment, they are already thinking about their next patient.  Telling them right up front that you have more than one concern to discuss allows them to give you the time and quality care that you needed.

Do your part by thinking ahead of what questions you might want to ask.  Some of your questions will come up as the doctor goes over their instructions with you but some things you can think of ahead of time.  It is even better to bring a written list of all the things you want to ask about so you will not forget them.  Don’t worry that this will intimidate your doctor, they will appreciate your foresight and organized manner.

Check your medications before your appointment so that you know what you need.  It is much easier on all parties for your prescriptions to be taken care of while your chart is in front of them rather than you having to call back in at a later time and request them.

On that note, know your medications or carry a list with you listing the names of your medications, the strength of them and the dosage.   This gives the doctor the needed information to make the best decisions about your care.

Image Credit: Washington Post


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