Get Your Body Into Spring and Summer Shape Starting Now

(Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)
(Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Spring break and summer vacation are just around the corner (seriously, can you believe it’s already this time of year again?). This means it’s time for you to start planning vacation, weekends away and plenty of fun in the sun. It also means (sigh) it’s time to put down the cupcake and venti frappucino and start working on that body so that it’s in prime shape for what’s sure to be a summer vacation filled with short hemlines and low necklines.

Clean Out the Pantry

The best way to begin the process of preparing your body for vacation is to clean out your pantry. It’s time to get rid of all the things that aren’t healthy. This includes the boxes of Valentine’s chocolates, the Easter bunnies and whatever is left over from the holidays. It also means getting rid of the processed junk and replacing it all with healthy stuff that’s not going to make you ashamed to don that bikini.

Order Swimwear

One way to motivate yourself to stay on track for your upcoming vacation is to go ahead and order your swimwear – in the size you want to be. When you pick up a size smaller and you really want to wear it, you’re going to work even harder to ensure that you get your behind in gear and in shape. No one likes to spend money on something fabulous and not be able to wear it.


Whatever you do to get your body vacation ready, don’t deprive yourself. After all, it is Girl Scout cookie season and Easter is a few weeks away, which means the aisles of every store you regularly visit are filled with decadent goodies. The trick is to indulge in moderation and keep your choices small. Don’t assume that just because you’re having a bad day justifies making it a bad eating day or that just because you had a burger instead of a salad for lunch means you can ruin the entire day by having nothing but junk.


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