Get Better Sleep Each Night

Ever wake up feeling tired, as if you didn’t get nearly enough sleep the night before. Of course you have, that’s a silly question. However, most women wake up every morning feeling tired, lethargic, exhausted, and stressed because they’re sleep was not good enough. Even on days you get eight or nine hours of sleep, you may still feel this way because your sleep isn’t good enough. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get if your sleep isn’t good enough. The old adage that quality is better than quantity absolutely applies in this situation. Here are a few tips to help you get longer, better sleep each night so you feel better in the morning.

Let it Go

There are a lot of things you can control about your life, but sleep is not one of them. You need to realize that you cannot force yourself to sleep, which will help you sleep better. Unfortunately, you may not be tired by 10 pm tonight, which means you should do something else until you feel tired and go to bed. Lying in bed willing yourself to sleep when you are not tired will do nothing but make your sleep  that much worse.

Give Yourself a Bedtime

No, you are not eight years old anymore, but you do need to get your body used to going to bed around the same time each night, even on the weekends. It will help you to sleep better each night because your body recognizes that it’s time for bed.

Clean Up

Your body is more willing to sleep, and is more prepared for better sleep when your body temperature drops. To make this happen, take a shower or bath in toasty water, which helps to lower your body temp for a better night’s sleep; and a cleaner night sleep.


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