Four Doctors That Cost Nothing But Do Everything For Your Health


We all know that the cost of healthcare is beyond ridiculous these days. It’s far too expensive, it’s not nearly as beneficial as it was in the past, and many people are forgetting the idea of going to see the doctor in favor of simply staying home and taking over-the-counter medications. It is not always the best idea, but it is often the most affordable way for any of us to get better. When you pay so much to go to the doctor, you don’t want to see him. You are not alone, either. It seems that many people are making the decision to forgo the doctor in favor of staying home. It says very little about our healthcare industry, but it seems there is nothing we can do about right now.

What if I told you that there are a few doctors you can see that won’t charge you anything to see them? They’ll each provide you with good health, a great chance of getting over whatever it is that ails you, and you’ll never pay a dime to see any of them. Don’t get too excited, though; they’re not real medical doctors. We’re getting back to basics here. We are a nation of people who are sicker than ever before, coming down with the common cold more often than not, and not really getting better. There was a time when I was never sick. Now I get sick and it lingers for weeks.

What’s the answer to this issue? I think that we all have a different answer since we all have a unique situation, but there are a few things I am positive can only help our ailments and lower the cost of our healthcare since we won’t need to see the doctor so much. Just give these doctors a chance.


Drink more of this and less of everything else, and I’m willing to bet you will feel a lot better. When I am dehydrated, I am not well. I develop headaches that sometimes turn to migraines. I don’t feel well, I eat too much and I’m even a little grumpy. Drink more water; this is one doctor that just wants to help.


I’m a huge fan of this ‘doctor’ in my own life. There is something about exercise that is so addictive when you give it a chance. I never liked going to the gym – ever. I liked working out at home doing yoga or walking or jogging. When the YMCA in our community opened, I was thrilled to join. Since I did that in May, I’ve been working out in the gym six days per week. I love it; it’s refreshing. In fact, on the rare occasion that I miss a workout due to travel, I am a little bit angry and a lot annoyed. I even began packing my workout gear to take with me when I leave town.

Exercise helps you boost that good mood, it helps you sweat, it helps you feel better and it builds your immune system. It makes you healthier, and being healthier means you don’t need to see the doctor so much.


The best doctor of all is good old-fashioned rest. In fact, I just got over a severe cold a few weeks ago, and I worked through all of it. I work from home, so it’s not like I contaminate anyone with my germs, but I still get up, go into my office and get to work. I shouldn’t. I really should go lie down, rest and put everything else to the side so that I can get better. Why? Because rest is what gives our bodies the strength to fight what it is we are fighting off.

I am a firm believer that this is precisely why it takes me so long to get over things anymore. I think this is why I feel worse than I usually do on a fairly regular basis instead of healing. In fact, my husband told me last time that he’s going to MAKE me lie down and rest the next time I don’t feel well since I’m not doing myself any favors otherwise. We’ll see how he accomplishes that, but he is right.

Sunshine and Fresh Air

Count this amazing doctor as one or two, I don’t care. The point is that you need to get up and get outside every single day. My grandmother always told me, “When in doubt, sweat it out,” growing up. She would advise us to go outside anytime we were not feeling well and sit down on the deck until we sweat and felt tired, then she always encouraged us to take a nap. She thought our parents always turned too quickly to medication, and she was probably correct. When you sweat it out, you feel a lot better.

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