Four Beauty Benefits of Summer

Summer is a favorite time of year for many, and it’s also a beauty buster for many. Take me, for example; summer is awful for me because my skin is easily aggravated by the heat and I end up itchy anytime I sweat. My hair hates the humidity, and spend three months walking around feeling completely gross. However, despite the annoyances of summer, there are a few good things about this season that are great for your beauty routine. In fact, summer is like living in a spa for three months.

Good Fruit

Fruit is so fresh and so refreshing during the summer. It’s also good for you. The more fruit you eat, the more your skin is protected from the sun, and it’s even suspected to increase your fertility.

The Light

Longer days make you feel more alive and more awake. Your body’s supply of melatonin decreases when you spend time in the light, which makes you feel less tired and less fatigued.

The Sand

One of the best parts of summer is how great your feet will look all year long if you spend enough time in the sand at the beach. Sand naturally exfoliates your feet, removing dead skin and making them feel pretty and soft for a long time.

Additionally, walking barefoot in the sand is a great way to get some exercise. When you take your shoes off and force yourself to walk or run in the sand, you are getting one of the best workouts around. Your leg muscles will thank you for this.

Salt Water

When you spend time in the ocean you will have sand in places you never wanted to have sand. You will also have prettier feet and the salt water is good for redness and inflammation. It can help to get rid of acne and it will make your skin look healthier.


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