Foods You Should Never Buy Again


It’s unhealthy, it’s linked to cancer, it will make you fat; there are a number of reasons you should stop buying certain foods. Essentially, it comes down to the fact that you’re wasting money on groceries that are going to make you unhealthy and probably one day kill you. Whether you consider the wasting money or a potentially shortened life expectancy more of a problem is up to you. What matters is that you read on to find out what 15 food items you just need to quit buying.


Cured Meat

If you suffer from migraines, you might want to stop buying cured meat. It’s been linked to migraines as a direct cause. Oh, it’s also been linked to cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Pick your poisonous reason to quit buying cured meats.


Blueberry-Flavored Items

This might come as a shock, but those blueberry granola bars you love so much don’t actually have real blueberries in them. Skip the faux berries and buy the real ones.


Potato Chips

If you’re still eating potato chips, you’re like most of the world. However, you should really stop buying the regular ones and opt instead for the baked chips or the kettle chips. They taste just as awesome but they have far less fat and oil.


Multi-Grain Bread

This is genuinely shocking. Multi-grain bread that does not list wheat bread as its main ingredient is actually just white bread with seeds. Unhealthy and wasteful.


Reduced-Fat Anything

Whether it’s peanut butter or cookies or whatnot, if it says reduced fat – steer clear! It might have less fat but now it has twice as much sugar.



Really, why are you still buying soda? It’s a bunch of wasteful calories filled with sugar and other unhealthy and unnatural ingredients.


Diet Soda

Don’t just switch from regular soda to diet soda. It might not have calories, but it has aspartame, which is so bad for you that it can kill you. Still want to skip the water?


Bottled Tea Products

Do you know how much money you can save every year by making your own tea at home? It’s healthier, easier and a lot less expensive.


Tomato Pasta Sauce

Yes, oregano and garlic spaghetti sauce is amazing. It’s also close to $5 a bottle. Instead of buying this, buy a $1 can of tomato paste and add some garlic and oregano. It’s not brain surgery.


Energy Drinks

Yuck. Gross. Disgusting. Those are the three best reasons not to drink energy drinks. Other reasons include the fact that they are terrible for your health (they’re causes behind a few health issues, such as heart attacks and death) and one good cup of coffee actually has the same energizing effect on your body.


Gluten-Free Foods

Unless you have a medical reason for needing gluten-free foods, they’re way more expensive and often much less healthy than their regular versions. So stop buying them.


Flavored Milk

It’s less expensive and healthier to just buy regular milk and add chocolate or strawberry or caramel sauce to it. It’s also a bit healthier to make your own egg-nog – even if it’s much easier to just buy it.


White Rice

When you can buy brown rice and decrease you risk of diabetes by as much as 17 percent, it just makes more sense.


Gourmet Frozen Veggies

Yes, edamame in a decadent butter and herb sauce sounds truly delicious. Guess what? You just paid $6 for something you can make at home for a buck. Sautee some butter, add some herbs and toss in your edamame.



Why are you paying for vegetables at the supermarket? You can grow your own. Half of the world’s 5-year-olds have their own vegetable garden in their kindergarten classrooms. If someone who can’t even button his own pants after he goes to the bathroom can grow veggies, you can grow veggies.


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