Five Ways Losing Weight Will Make You Money

If losing weight added money to your bank account, it would suddenly be a lot simpler to lose weight, wouldn’t it? Yes; because that’s some serious motivation. What if we told you that there are some pretty simple ways you, too, can lose weight make some money in the process? You can; all you have to do is know how. Some ways to make money while losing weight are pretty much common sense, but other ways are not.

Save on Groceries

The best way to make money while losing weight is to save on groceries; and it’s not that difficult. Since you’re no longer buying junk food, eating out and overindulging, take the money you used to spend on those items and place it in your savings account. It’s like a paycheck for yourself for losing weight.


It’s a great concept. You can do it online or you can find a group near you to try this out. What you do is have everyone looking to lose weight put a few dollars in a general fund. Designate a specific amount of weight or body fat percentage you want to lose and a time frame in which to lose it, and start your bet. Anyone that meets that goal in the allotted time frame will split the money in the pot.


This is a great online resource for making money on a journey to weight loss. The site will actually pay you to lose the weight you want to lose. They’ll dish out $100 to anyone who is able to go from obese to normal in terms of their BMI in less than one year.

Sell Your Bigger Clothes

Now that you’re losing weight, you get to get rid of your big clothes. You can sell these online, take them to a consignment shop or have a yard sale. It’s a great way you can earn money losing weight. After all, you can’t make money from selling your fat clothes if you still have to wear them.

Become a Fitness Guru

If you are looking to lose weight, you can do what so many people are doing; become a fitness trainer. Companies such as Beach Body and so many others are allowing people in hopes of losing weight and getting fit to become trainers. They make a percentage of what they sell based on the people who sign up with them.

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