Five Simple and Not Too Demanding New Year’s Body Resolutions


The New Year is only a week away and that means it’s time for everyone to start making resolutions they’re going to ignore and that they are never going to abide by. We’re about to enter into January; the month in which we all starve ourselves so that we look good in our clothes and we all pay exorbitant fees to join a gym we’ll go to religiously for a few weeks before quitting and becoming as lazy as ever. It’s a hard month for all of us. We’re a little bit unhappy with our bodies thanks to the wonderful taste of the holidays, and we’re all in the mood to make changes. Hey, it’s a New Year and that means new changes, right? Of course, that also means that we are going to face some issues such as the fact that we are going to have to eat better and work out more and say no thanks to things we really want – such as a venti latte with whipped cream and extra chocolate while we sit on the couch and go through the entire last three seasons of Scandal on Netflix.

Fortunately, we have a few resolutions you can make as the New Year approaches that will not make you feel as if you are a complete failure by the time January 5 rolls around, and that’s what makes it all better in the end. Our help is going to help ensure that you actually make positive changes in your life in 2015. Why? Because they are actually doable and within reason. Take a look at what we have for you to change about your life.

I Will Move More

It’s a much better resolution to have than to say that you’re going to go to the gym 5 days a week. You will never go to the gym 5 days a week because you are already too busy to do anything else during the week. However, you will need to make it a point to get up and actually move a bit more if you’re really going to lose weight and get serious about your body. You will want to make a pact with yourself to do something a bit more exciting than just go to the gym. Make a deal with friends to do something fun and active once a week. We can help you find something amazing to do. Try taking some salsa lessons, going for a weekly hike, taking a bike ride to your favorite brunch place on Sundays instead of driving. Make a point to swim at least once a week with your friends. You can make working out fun. It does not have to be a typical gym night that no one enjoys.

I Will Eat Better

This is not a diet. No one does well with diets. Very few people actually make it through a diet. Actually, now that we are thinking about it, what happens after a diet? Do you end the diet and then start over? What do you do? Diets are great for some, but what happens at the end when you’ve lost the weight? Do you keep dieting? Or do you start eating what you ate before and move on from there? That’s why dieting doesn’t work. You have to make a lifestyle change that’s going to change the way you eat for the better.

I Will Have More Fun

The more fun you have, the less time you have to focus on your body. And sometimes, that kind of fun is the kind of stuff you need in your life to get healthier. For example, if you plan fun things in your life, you might be more inclined to forgo that pizza for dinner in favor of that wonderful salad or those gorgeous chicken breasts you grilled. Plan to go skydiving or to take a beach vacation somewhere wonderful and use that as motivation to get up and get fit, and to eat better and change your lifestyle.

I Will Conquer an Exercise Fear

We all love or hate exercise. There is no in between. So what if, we’re just throwing this out there, we all take a few minutes to sit back and relax, and think of something we fear? Do you hate running? How about conquering that fear and running this year? How about training for a 5k at the halfway point and then another at the end of the next year? You can train yourself, get ready and have fun doing it. It’s a fitness fear, so it’s going to benefit your body in a major way. We recommend that you sign yourself up for a 5k with a little fun motivation, such as one that allows you to run through foam, a color run or even a charitable run for your favorite foundation.

I Will Be a More Fun Parent

Here’s a good one that’s easy and difficult to give up. Swear that this year you will be a more fun parent in terms of being outside with your kids and having an enjoyable time. Get up, get outside and enjoy your kids. Instead of telling them you can’t play that game of hide and seek with them, play. Instead of sending them outside to play a game of tag or red light, green light, go with them and join in the fun. Play a game of ball with them. Play tag. Play marco polo in the pool. Do something more fun with your kids that will also benefit your body. That’s a good resolution because no parent likes to let down their kids. We love this one because it’s a great way for you to enjoy your life, enjoy your kids and get fit at the same time. A side benefit is that you are setting an amazing example for the kids so that you will all have a great time together. Nothing is better than making life changes that will make your family a better place to be.

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