Five Methods To Get Your Kids to Eat Their Fruits and Vegetables

The government’s newest nutrition advice encourages parents to fill half their children’s plates with fruits and veggies at each meal. It sounds simple, but kids aren’t that easy to manipulate. They’d rather have a half plate of French fries or hot dogs than broccoli and carrots. Unfortunately, the good stuff just isn’t all that healthy. With the pressure and stress of ensuring your kids get the kind of nutrition needed for a healthy lifestyle, parents want to know now more than ever how to ensure the little ones are eating what they need to eat – without struggle.

Get Them While They’re Hungry

When kids are starving, they’re more likely to eat their healthy least favorites. Typically, before dinner kids are so hungry they’ll eat a healthy snack. While you prep for dinner, set out a tray of veggies or fruit and encourage your kids to snack on those. It doesn’t sound like it would work, but it actually does.

Bite Rules

Rules are something most kids understand. When you make it a rule that kids are required to take at least three bites of everything on their plate before they are allowed to say they don’t like it and don’t want to eat it, they’re more likely to give veggies and fruit a chance before automatically proclaiming them disgusting and gross.

Let the Kids Cook

If you let your kids help you prepare the veggies and fruits they’re having for different meals, they’re more likely to want to eat them. When kids take a part in the cooking, they will want to try their creation. All you have to do is be strategic as to what you ask for help with; it’s a great concept that most kids will fall for.

Hide Veggies

If you have a particularly difficult child, hide the vegetables. There are a number of cookbooks available for parents with this problem. You can cook the veggies right into the foods your kids love without their knowledge and they’ll eat them without realization. It’s sneaky and deceptive, and a perfect parenting tool.

Harmless Bribery

When all else fails, bribery often does not. It’s a little bit desperate, but what parent hasn’t used the old bribery tool when they want their kids to behave, follow instructions or eat their veggies? Use dessert as your weapon. “If you eat your veggies, I’ll let you have an ice cream sundae for dessert,” usually works on most kids. A few pieces of broccoli for their favorite sugary treat usually always tempts kids.

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