Five Great Foods That Prevent Hair Loss


Receding hairlines, bald spots and thin hair people rejoice: There is food that you can eat that will help prevent hair loss. We are all prone to losing hair. It falls out in record amounts post-pregnancy and it just seems to thin with age, but it turns out that incorporating a few different items into our diets can actually help keep our hair in place and our vanity where it needs to be.


Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which promote hair growth. Since your body can’t make these acids on its own, it’s imperative that you eat salmon so that you can get some of these nutrients. It will help you grow new hair, which replaces old, dead hair to keep your hair thick and luscious.


In addition to the previously mentioned amazing omega-3 fatty acids, these things have some other nutrients that promote hair growth and minimize hair loss. For example, biotin and Vitamin E are both found in walnuts. They help to prevent damage to your cells and DNA, which can help your hair stay thicker, longer.


Eggs are filled with iron. Iron is the nutrient that carries oxygen to your cells, and that includes your hair. When you have too little iron in your body, you are anemic. Anemic people tend to lose their hair more quickly than others, which means that a diet rich in iron is going to promote healthy hair and minimize hair loss.


Filled with iron, zinc and B vitamins, this type of food is great for your follicles. Hair contains mostly protein, which means eating protein rich foods helps to nourish your strands and keep them healthier longer. Eating poultry helps to maintain strong, healthy strands while minimizing the risk of hair loss and damage.


Not only can eating this aphrodisiac help you to keep your hair healthy, it will even prevent the loss of eyelashes. You can have thicker, healthier lashes and hair if you only take the time to eat a few oysters here and there. It’s the zinc in the oysters that’s so good for your hair, so look for anything rich in zinc.

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