Five Eating Habits That Were Perfectly Acceptable in College


Everyone always points to their youth as a time where they could eat whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. But when you really think about it, when you’re much younger your diet is somewhat dictated by your family. And as an adult you realize that you’re getting older and have to watch yourself. So that only leaves one time in life where you truly truly ate whatever you want and really didn’t care.

College. That’s the first time where you have the freedom to eat whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want. And boy do most of us take advantage. In fact so much so that conventional eating habits fly out the window in college. Here are five acceptable eating habits in college….

Eating an entire bag of chips for dinner

I can’t tell you how many times I slept in until around 2-3PM on a Saturday, knew I was going out that night, and realized that I had to at least get something in my system if I was going to drink a ton. And when I barely had any money? I went to the store and looked for something that either had the most calories, or looked “mealy.” So this would generally be something like Lunchables or maybe some kind of cracker with cheese. But most times it was an entire bag of Fritos. That usually did the trick.

Breakfast or Pizza at 2AM

In college you are young. When you are young you have a high metabolism. When you are young and have a high metabolism you don’t get concerned at 2AM when you’re inebriated and are eating eggs, sausages, and pancakes at a diner. It’s probably one of the most popular college meals on the planet. That or late night pizza. In today’s “real world?” I don’t exactly put myself in late night eating situations all that often.

Not a Single Vegetable…Ever

Do you remember eating any vegetables in college? I’m pretty sure I ate them I just can’t remember one instance where I did. Not that it mattered though.

Drinking to Get Your Calories In

The funny thing is that even though I knew how bad my nutrition was in college I was still aware of having to get in my calories for the day. So naturally it didn’t matter what the sources for calories were. I figured 6 beers was 900 calories. Worked for me.

Fast Food Multiple Times Per Week

There was a stretch in college where I went to Taco Bell 4-5 times a week for at least 3 months in a row. Who does that except supremely obese people? I’ll tell you who. College students. God I miss that place.


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