Five of the Biggest Flu Myths to Ignore This Season


The flu is rampant right now, and that means more people than ever are walking around repeating incorrect information about this illness. It is, quite frankly, miserable to suffer from the flu. There were many times in my life when I assumed that I had the flu and realized, too late, that I was incorrect when I actually did come down with the flu. It’s debilitating and miserable, and it is something that you can’t get over quickly. There are a lot of myths about the flu, as well, and we thought that we might share some of them with you so that you are informed (correctly) when and if the flu makes its way into your house. Our hope is that by debunking some of these myths, we might actually be able to prevent you from coming down with this awful illness. So, read on to find out if you are a believer in one of these completely untrue myths.

The Flu Shot Causes the Flu

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say this, I’d have so many dollars. The flu shot does not, I repeat, does not cause the flu. I don’t make this stuff up. In fact, that information comes from the CDC, so it’s probably much more reliable than my imagination.

Pregnant Women Can’t Get the Flu Shot

I have four kids and I got a flu shot during all three of my pregnancies. In fact, my doctors encouraged it and actually gave me the flu shot themselves. That’s because they knew I’d be miserable with the flu and babies inside of me. And I love them for that.

The Flu is Most Contagious Before you See Symptoms

False. The flu is actually most contagious when the symptoms you have are at their worst. This is the time in which you will notice that you are more susceptible to catching the flu because this is when the germs are alive and thriving, and looking for someone to infect.

The Doctor Can’t Do Anything

Okay, so this is partially true. There is no cure for the flu, but your doctor can make you feel marginally better. And I assure you that when it comes to the flu, feeling marginally better is a huge relief. Go see your doctor.

It’s Too Late for a Flu Shot

Since the flu is already here, most people assume that it is too late for a flu shot. However, this is simply not the case. It’s never too late for a flu shot as it will help to prevent you from coming down with the flu in the future.

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