Find Out What’s Triggering Your Reoccurring Migraines To Get Relief

Migraines are a terrible thing to suffer from.  They are not a normal headache as anyone that has ever had one will attest to.  The key to finding relief from reoccurring migraines is to identify the trigger that is causing your migraines and eliminate it from your life.

Migraines can be caused by many things.  Food is a big trigger for many people.  There are many foods that can cause migraines.  Chocolate and cheeses are big triggers.  Also high on the list are hot dogs and other processed meats.  Chinese food is a trigger because of the high levels of MSG that it contains.  But this is not a complete list of foods that trigger migraines.  You could be triggered by a food that isn’t a common migraine trigger.  One way to rule out food triggers is to write down what you have eaten each day that you suffer from migraines to see if a pattern emerges.

Migraines can also be caused by getting overly hot or by bright lights or being in the sunshine without wearing a hat or sunglasses.

Another common trigger of migraines is stress.  Do you find that you often get a headache after your boss has a meeting with you?  Or after sitting down and working on your finances?

Migraines can be brought on by hormonal changes, as well.  It helps to keep an eye on the calendar to see if this could be part of your issue.

The way to find out what is triggering your migraines is to carefully observe what the circumstances are when you get a migraine.  Keeping a journal where you can write down what you have eaten, what you were doing, when time of the month you got the headache and how you were feeling when your migraine hit can help you to see what might be your trigger.  Finding out the trigger is the first step to finding relief from your migraines.  You can’t fix the problem until you know what is causing it.


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