Fight Fatigue and Being Tired the Easy Way

 (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Who isn’t tired most days? For the most part, we live in a world in which we are constantly on the go and very infrequently take time to just relax and rest. After all, between yourself, your family, your kids, your spouse, your friends, your job, your kids’ and spouses’ lives and everything that falls in between, there’s barely time to load the dishwasher, let alone get a solid 8 hours sleep every single night. However, there is a difference between feeling tired and fatigued; being fatigued is bad for your overall health. Here are three ways to help you fight fatigue and improve your overall health.


Believe it or not, making time to exercise in your daily schedule is needed. I know; there’s not enough time to add anything else to your plate. However, you need to. Your body will thank you. Exercise is not only a great way to reduce stress and anxiety and to promote a healthier looking body, it’s a great way to ensure you get more sleep. When you spend time everyday exercising, you make it possible for your body to fall asleep more easily, eliminating fatigue.

Change Your Diet

If your diet is unhealthy; fatigue is going to set in. You need to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and water into your diet. In doing this you are enabling your body to work correctly and efficiently, which eliminates feelings of fatigue, increases your healthy sleep patterns and helps you to relieve stress.

Banish Light

Your cell phone, iPad, e-reader, television and laptop are all causing you fatigue. How often to you stay up later than necessary answering texts and emails? Additionally, staring at the screens of these items can trick your body into thinking it’s not tired when it really is. When you develop this kind of electronic insomnia, you tend to become fatigued. You’ll end up sick, unhealthy and feeling stressed.


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