Fend Off Colds And Illness For Your Family This Year

With the start of back-to-school comes the start of colds and other illnesses for most families.  Our children share everything, including germs.  And we tend to catch whatever they have.   But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can fend off fall colds and illnesses with a few simple changes in routine.

We are really too hard on our bodies.  We don’t get the rest we need and we often short change our children by not seeing to it that they get enough sleep.  Sleep is a very good immune system booster.  When you are not rested, your body is in a more fragile state.  Simply by making sure that your family gets enough sleep can help lessen the incidences of colds and illnesses in your family.

Eating well is also important to prevent colds and other illness.  I know, I know, who has time, right?  Well, the truth is, eating well is easier than ever.  Keep your fridge stocked with snacks that are easy to grab and good for you.  Fruit, fresh-cut veggies, cheese sticks, yogurt and healthy beverages such as mini chocolate milks are both good for you and tasty.

Drink orange juice daily.  This is a tip my Dad follows that I decided to try and found it makes a difference.  A small eight ounce glass will give you a boost of vitamin C to start your day with.  You can get vitamin C from many sources but it just seems orange juice is best to fend off colds.  I pour it into my children daily.

Be proactive and preventative.  Take a good daily multivitamin.  Schedule appointments for flu shots for the entire family.  Think about a Zinc Supplement. (Be sure to check with your doctor before you make any medication changes).

Probably the most important tip is to use good hygiene.  Wash your hands with warm soapy water, often.  If water isn’t available, use hand sanitizer.

On a closing note, be considerate.  If you, or your family does contract a cold or other illness, stay home to avoid giving it to someone else.  Hopefully, others will do the same for you.


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