Fat Fighting Foods for You

Almost everyone wants to fight a little fat, get a little healthier or just look a little better. Even the women you think have a great looking body have their own feelings of insecurity and they often want to live a little bit healthier as well. You know that you need to get plenty of exercise if you want to look great, but did you know that you can incorporate certain foods into your diet that will help your body burn fat even faster?


Cinnamon works by boosting your metabolism. It’s great because it adds flavor to foods you already enjoy but the excess is not stored in your body the same way that sugar is stored as fat. You can add cinnamon to your coffee in place of sugar, add more to your baked goods or just use it to build your energy level.

Onion and Garlic

What don’t these two do? You can fight fat, boost your metabolism, increase your energy level and kill bacteria and viruses that enter your body. You don’t want any of these for a number of reasons. The other benefit of onions and garlic is that both are used to fight fat, which can help you keep your arteries from clogging and causing major damage to your body and health at a later date.


If you love spices, this is the one to use when you cook. It contains beta carotene, which is an antioxidant that protects your liver. It also helps to burn fat, improve your overall health and raise your metabolism levels. All you have to do the next time you cook is add a little of this to your dish to spice it up, make it more delicious and help you burn fat faster.


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