Does The Fast Metabolism Diet Really Work?


The fast metabolism diet: Is it worth it? Does it really work? Does it help you lose weight and stay healthy at the same time? If you’re like most men and women looking to lose weight, you’re probably asking these questions about this new diet. If you’ve never heard of the fast metabolism diet, you’re not alone. It’s not something that everyone is familiar with just yet, but it is increasing in popularity.

The fast metabolism diet consists of a four-week plan that works in three phases. The first phase is Monday and Tuesday, which consists of eating nothing but carbs and fruit as a way of unwinding and distressing. The second phase is Wednesday and Thursday; this phase consists of eating nothing but protein and vegetables to help release stored fat and build muscle. The last phase lasts Friday to Sunday and includes eating everything from the first two phases as well as oils and healthy fats.

The diet requires you drink half your body weight in water each day and forbids you from eating refined sugars, drinking alcohol and staying away from soy, dairy and caffeine. Some say it’s just a healthy way of eating and changing your lifestyle. Experts say essentially the same thing. They recognize that this fast metabolism diet is a great way to teach people to eat a “whole” diet rather than a processed diet. There are too many diet foods on the market that are marketed as fat-free and sugar free. This diet doesn’t allow eating much of anything but whole foods that are healthy nutrients.

Most experts believe that the fast metabolism diet is fine. However, it’s also fine to simply eat healthier, eliminate prepackaged foods, junk, alcohol and caffeine in general. Refined sugar is something you should eliminate from your diet no matter what diet you’re on, but overall, it seems that the fast metabolism diet is an efficient and simple weight loss and healthy lifestyle method.

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