Fast Food Workers Tell Us To Never Order These Items

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Ignorance is bliss, except when it’s not. Ignorance can lead you to feel comfortable with something until your ignorance is no more; suddenly, you’re grossed out, disgusted and wishing you didn’t believe in blissful ignorance. How’s this for ignorance? When you pull up to a fast food drive thru window to make your order, the people taking it really want to scream at you, “NO! DON’T! Do NOT order that!” But since that would probably cost them their job, fast food workers anonymously share what you should never order from their menu.

Wendy’s Chili

People love Wendy’s chili. They love it because they think it’s a healthier menu item and because it’s delicious. What you don’t know, however, is that the meat used to create this “delicious” chili is meat so bad that it dries up on the grill. The chain has to put it in a drawer until it’s warm enough to serve.

KFC BBQ Chicken

Most people don’t bother with the BBQ chicken sandwiches at KFC, mostly because the regular chicken is so good. However, if you do decide to eat a BBQ chicken sandwich, just know that the meat used to make the sandwich is so old and so stale that you can’t even give it to a dog. KFC, however, soaks it for a time in BBQ sauce and serves it right up to people.

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Aside from the fact that they’re made from the pink sludge that you saw in that photo that went viral a few years back, the chicken mcnugget isn’t a good food to order. The restaurant has a habit of leaving them beneath a heat lamp to keep them warm, but sometimes they’re under there all day long before they’re actually served.

Dunkin Donuts Donuts

They’re not fresh. They’re not even fresh when you go into a Dunkin Donuts first thing in the morning. They’re shipped to each location as frozen donuts and thawed before they’re served to you. The donut you’re eating might actually be weeks old before it’s served to you.

Gas Station Slurpees and McDonald’s McCafe

Just don’t buy one of these. They never clean the machines and when the liquid from your slurpee runs through it into your cup, it runs through all the mold that’s inside the machine. Additionally, the McCafe has the same issue. Most employees don’t know how to clean it out, so they just don’t. Your coffee typically goes through sludge before it makes its way into your cup.

Starbucks Specialty Drinks

No one knows how to make specialty drinks, so they make it up as they go. Don’t bother ordering these if you want something that has a decent taste and some know-how behind it.

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