Exercise to Prevent Premature Aging

 (Photo by Craig Allen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Craig Allen/Getty Images)

If you exercise regularly, you’re well on your way to preventing your body from aging prematurely. Or are you? Believe it or not, exercise is not always good for you. You’re supposed to do it at least 30 minutes each day, but did you know that certain exercise mistakes you’re making can actually cause aging in your body?  Since you’re not exercising to look old, it’s time to stop making the exercise mistakes that cause aging to occur unwanted.

No Breaks

Your body needs time to heal between workouts. How do you know how often to exercise so that you don’t start aging your muscles and organs? Listen to your body; if it’s tired and achy in between workouts, it’s probably because you’re getting too much exercise and not enough rest. Try incorporating lower intensity workouts and rest days into your schedule to prevent aging your muscles too much.

Bad Posture

You might not consider it important when you’re exercising, but good posture is necessary during your workouts. Everything you do in life pulls you down and forward; including your work, your relaxation and your exercise if you don’t watch your posture. By neglecting good posture for bad, you’re harming your spinal column and making yourself look older than you really are.

Skipping Exercises

Your body needs all different types of exercise in order to work as best it can. This means you’ll need to focus on different types of exercise that work different parts of your body rather than focusing only on one aspect of your body at a time. This means incorporating cardio in your weight machine workouts, running, walking and including fun exercise such as sports and dancing into your routine. A good combination is what helps you look your best and prevent aging all around.


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