Everlast Opens First Cross-Functional Workout And Training Facility


The Lab is the newest addition to the Everlast Worldwide family. Located in Hoboken, in Jersey, the Lab is a fitness training facility designed to help those wanting to shape up by offering cross-functional fitness programs. It’s an evolved way of working out, according to Everlast. It’s only the first of many Everlast gyms that will eventually open all over the country.

The point of the Lab is to get people exercising in different ways. By combining different types of workouts, it can benefit people in several ways. For one, it prevents boredom. Going to the gym will become exciting when you don’t know what you’ll be doing each day – doing the same workout day in and day out becomes taxing and boring. Secondly, it provides people with more comprehensive workouts that allow them to work different body parts they might not ordinarily work in a typical fitness routine.

The Lab has amenities that include a boxing ring, Kettle Bell bootcamp, Core Flyte Training, a cross training area, and suspension training. The Lab’s educated coaches design each class and each session in a strategic manner designed to help benefit your own personal fitness needs. “The Lab’s message, ‘Fitness Evolved’ speaks to all levels of fitness, designed to help consumers discover new and engaging ways of training,” states trainer and lab manager, Manny Rivera.

Additionally, the Lab will serve as a location for photo shoots, press events and as a test center for new Everlast products. Professional athletes in the NYC area will also use the Lab as their training center when in town. Everlast’s President and CEO, Neil Morton, says, “We are very excited to debut The Lab training facility, it is an initiative the public has asked about for quite some time.”

Located at 358 Newark Street in Hoboken, the Lab is designed to help educate members about the benefits of personalized fitness and becoming a fitter, healthier version of yourself.

(Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)


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