Emergency Essentials Every Home Must Have

No matter where you live or what you do, your home needs to have a few emergency essentials; just in case. Now, don’t panic. Just in case could mean anything from a simple power outage to an approaching hurricane to a bad storm to an earthquake. I don’t know where you live, so I don’t know what kind of emergency disasters you might have to worry about on a regular basis. I do know, however, that these three things are essential to have in your home in case of any emergency occurrence.

Bottled Water

In case there is some sort of natural disaster that prevents you from leaving home and also contaminates or eliminates your natural water source, your family needs water. It can be small bottles that you can drink from individually or it can be big bottles you can use to pour your water into cups. It really does not matter as long as you have fresh, clean, drinkable water during any type of emergency.

Fire Alarms

If anything will ever come into handy during a natural disaster, it’s a fire alarm. Your house needs fire alarms with working batteries in every single room. It could be the one thing that saves your life if there is a fire in your home. Without an alarm, it might be too late to escape your home without injury.

Medical Supplies

No matter what you have in your home, a medical supply kit is always necessary. In it you need bandaids, disinfectant, gauze, gloves and many more essential items. You can find a list of items that you need in your medical supply kit by visiting your local fire or police departments or visiting the website of the American Red Cross. Here you will find all that you need to prepare for an emergency at home.


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