How Eating at Your Favorite Thai Restaurant can Improve Your Health


How many of you head out to your favorite Thai restaurant with excitement and anticipation only to head home with a little bit of shame and guilt? Please, we all do this. It’s called over-indulging and it’s something that happens to all of us. Whether we just ate too much or we spent too much, most of us head home feeling a little bit poorly about something that happened at dinner. It does not, however, change the fact that our meals were beyond amazing. What it does change, however, is the fact that we can’t just undo what we’ve done. So the best thing we can do is look to the future. Tomorrow we will be better. We will eat less and spend less. We will exercise more and we will get healthier. But wait a second; Thai food is not unhealthy for the most part. In fact, Thai cuisine is among the healthiest in the world, which is why we say no more guilt over dining at your favorite Thai restaurant. Squash those feelings of shame with some of the information we’re about to share with you; Thai food has so many health benefits that you’re actually doing yourself a favor when you dine at your favorite Thai restaurant. We have a number of reasons you should stop the guilt and start telling your body and health, “You’re welcome,” instead of, “I’m sorry.”

Anti-Inflammatory Agents

So most of the most common ingredients used in Thai food – primarily its many spices – are actually really great for inflammation. What this means is that eating Thai food is going to give you better skin and less puffiness. Having a bad day after a rough night’s sleep? Try eating some Thai food to help fight the inflammation in your skin and make you look even better than ever. Really, it’s worth the price you’ll pay to dine out a little more often to do it while still looking gorgeous.

Inflammation can cause a host of health problems that can really have a negative impact on your life as a whole. By eating more Thai food you can reduce inflammation and reduce pain, irritation and your overall feeling of good health. It’s worth it.

Immune System Boosters

Many of the spices used to cook Thai food are really good for your immune system. They aid in making sure you feel better, look better and perform better. You’ll feel better as a whole, which will change the overall quality of your life. You’ll become sick less often so you’ll feel better, your attitude will improve, you’ll be more energetic and you’ll be more willing to want to do things in your life you should do on a more regular basis – such as exercise.

A healthier immune system practically guarantees that you will live a healthier life as a whole. You’ll experience more good health, a better attitude and less illness. You’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better and you will be more productive. What this means is that your mood will improve and your outlook will improve. When this all happens, it means good things for you and your health.

Fewer Headaches

Lemon Grass is a frequently used ingredient in the cooking of Thai food, and it’s so good for your body. It’s been known to relieve the pain of frequent headaches, and many people report that they experience fewer headaches when they consume more lemon grass. This means you’ll feel better as a whole, experience less stress and do wonders for your body in so many areas.

Fewer Cramps

Lemon Grass, once again, is just so good for your body. It’s good for you in that it helps to relieve the pain of stomach cramps and bloating so you feel better all the time. Some of us experience these awful cramps in our stomach at least once a month, and  now we know we can go out for Thai food and help relieve the discomfort and pain that we feel as we go through our monthly visitor with the standard stress and discomfort. It can help.

Heart Health

If you’re looking for a way to improve your heart health, you can do a lot of things to become healthier. One of those things is to eat more Thai food. Coconut milk is used in most dishes, and it’s good for your heart. It makes it pump better and more efficiently, which can improve a whole host of other health issues that you might have. For good heart health, you can exercise and eat a healthy diet, but be sure to include some Thai food in that diet for the best possible results and the most heart health.

Better Sleep

Chili is another common spice used in cooking Thai food. It’s good for you because it helps to promote better sleep habits. Not only does consuming chili on a regular basis help you to fall asleep faster, it also helps you to stay asleep longer and experience better sleep as a whole when you are asleep. The more regular and deeper your sleep habits, the healthier you are. This can help you to lower you stress levels, it can help you to feel better in terms of your immune system, and it can help you to feel happier as a whole. When you take the time to add this all together, what you get is a better overall quality of life for yourself.

Improved Blood Flow

Turmeric is another common spice used in Thai food, and it’s good for your blood flow. This spice gets your blood pumping in a healthy manner. When your blood flow is at its best, your health is also at its best. This will improve a host of other health issues you might experience, which can cause you to have more energy, feel better and be more productive during the day because you are less exhausted and your body is functioning at a much better level than it was before you began eating Thai food on a regular basis.

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