Eat More Olives To Ward off Cancer?


Even better than being dipped in a martini or served as an appetizer is the fact that olives provide the added benefit of warding off certain forms of cancer. This is particularly true of colon and breast cancer, two of the most dangerous – but treatable – forms of cancer with which you can be diagnosed. It turns out that the compounds found in olives are healthy enough to provide this health benefit to those who consume olives on a regular basis.

A recent study performed at the University of Barcelona found that eating olives can kill the cells that cause cancer, especially colon and breast. The skin of olives contains compounds that fight the growth of cells that cause colon cancer, helping to slow its growth – or prevent it completely in some. What the skin of olives contains is called maslinic acid, which is 80 percent concentrated.

Not to be outdone, researchers at the University of Granada and the Catalan Institute of Oncology found that extra virgin olive oil consumption greatly reduces a woman’s chances of breast cancer. Apoptosis is a phenol found in EVOO that helps kill breast cancer cells, which is just another reason olives are on the list of the world’s most healthy and beneficial foods.

These new findings can help men and women not only live a healthier lifestyle, but also help them live longer. The reduced rate of cancer diagnosis along with the ability to slow down the growth of many cancer cells will help men and women live longer, healthier lives. While the studies don’t go into detail as far as how many olives or how much olive oil people should consume, it’s safe to say that daily consumption can help to increase your overall health and reduce your chances of being diagnosed with colon or breast cancer.

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)


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