Why You Should Eat More Hummus


Here’s a fun fact: eat hummus regularly and watch your waistline shrink. In fact, you can watch your waistline shrink so much that it’s 8 percent smaller than the waistlines of people who do not bother to eat hummus. What is hummus, you ask? It’s a delicious dip made from chickpeas, and it’s really good for your body.  According to the Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences, people who eat hummus are smaller and have an overall healthier diet than those who do not consume this dip.

The Benefits of Hummus

What most people don’t realize is that there are plenty of good fats and ingredients in hummus. Those who consume the dip take in 52 percent more fiber than those who do not eat hummus. They also receive 13 percent more good fat and 20 percent less sugar. Those who consume hummus regularly are also more likely to eat a diet rich in fruit, green vegetables and whole grains each day. This results in an overall healthier lifestyle all around.

Why Hummus Rocks

What makes hummus so good for your body is the fact that it is loaded with slow-digesting carbs. Additionally, hummus is full of fiber and protein. Fiber helps you feel fuller longer, and protein helps you feel satisfied longer. Combine the three and you have what can only be described as a super food.

The good news is that hummus is ready-made in most supermarkets, which saves you the time of having to make it yourself. However, if you do buy the pre-made hummus, make sure you’re looking at the ingredients. You want the hummus made with olive oil.

Follow that by sticking to the recommended serving size of just two tablespoons or you’re going to risk taking in too many calories. Even though they’re good calories, you still don’t want to consume too many.

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