Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

No one wants to feel stress. It turns you into a raging basket case. You know you have too much stress in your life when people start assuming it’s that time of the month when in actuality you have a few weeks to go before you turn into a raging nightmare. If it’s time to relieve the stress in your life, you need to try a few of these simple things to help ease the mean. They’re easy tasks that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Play With a Kid

If you don’t have kids of your own, borrow a niece or nephew or a friend’s kid and have some fun. Playing tag, barbies, race cars or anything else with a kid will immediately ease your stress and help you to feel more relaxed and happier.

Take a Walk

Nothing is more relaxing than a long, leisurely stroll, especially if you do it somewhere gorgeous. Take a walk through the park, around the city, or along the beach. Walking is exercise, which releases endorphins into your body that help you to feel better, as well as look better.


Make a date with your funniest friend, rent a hilarious movie, or read a funny website. Laughter has this magical way of making you feel instantly better about anything and everything, which is why they say laughter is the best medicine. Put laughter to work for you and enjoy yourself.

Check Out

Sometimes the only way to get rid of the stress in your life is to mentally check right on out. Pick up a new book and spend the day getting lost in the lives of other people. You’ll forget your own problems and the demands of life and find that you are more likely to relax than if you do other things.


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