Don’t Let Stress Affect Your Health

Everyone tells you not to sweat the small stuff, but it’s not that easy to do all the time. Sometimes the small stuff is the most annoying, because enough of it makes it much bigger stuff, and then you have to sweat it. Does that even make sense? Regardless, the way we handle our stress affects our health, which cannot be a good thing. If you want to ensure you remain healthy and happy, it’s time to start managing your stress the right way.

Sweat…Just Not the Small Stuff

It’s okay to sweat, as long as it’s from physical exercise and not stress. Your level of activity can significantly decrease the amount of stress in your life. Get your heart rate up and going, and reduce your level of stress. Even better, all it takes to live healthier and happier is thirty minutes a day of physical activity. Go for a walk, a run, join the gym, play a game of tag with your kids, or just take a nice long swim. It doesn’t have to feel like exercise to be exercise.

Solve Your Problems

Okay, so that seems like a silly thing to say. If you knew how to solve your problems you wouldn’t be stressing about them. However, the point of this activity is to ignore your emotions regarding the problem and simply work hard to come up with something to do to solve the problem. The minute you find a solution, you will feel instantly better.

Laugh it Off

Forget your problems for a few hours and have a good time with your friends and/or family. Go out for drinks, play a game, or just sit around and laugh about hilarious things that have happened in your life or that are happening on your television screen at this very instant.


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