Don’t Let These Five Things Throw you Off Your Diet


The little decisions you make day in and day out have a lasting effect on your diet. Your choices, whether you realize this or not, can undermine your attempts to get fit and lose weight, and that’s why you have to become vigilant about the many things that happen each and every day that can throw you off your diet. No one loves to get off track, but it does happen at times. Our goal is to help you learn how you can get back on track and minimize distractions associated with your diet and weight loss. If we can get you to understand how not to throw yourself off track, we can help you focus and succeed at living the healthy lifestyle you so desire. That said, we have a list of things that are throwing you off your diet that you can take control of right now.

You’re Grazing

A few nuts here, a Hershey Kiss there, something else now; this is called grazing. When you do this, you don’t think you’re harming your diet but you are. You’re eating so many calories that your body can’t process it all and you’re making yourself miserable. Stop grazing.

You’re Not Indulging

If you really want that cookie, eat it. The more you deny yourself your favorite foods, the more likely you are to go on an all-out binge later. It’s okay to have a cookie or a bowl of frozen yogurt so long as you limit your intake and remember that moderation is key.

Saying You’ll Start Again Tomorrow

All right, so someone had Girl Scout cookies in the office and you had four and now you feel awful. Don’t. The more you allow yourself to feel guilty, the more you will work to convince yourself that today is a wash and you can start again tomorrow. Start again right now; it’s better than tomorrow.

Consuming too Few Calories

You probably think you’re doing an amazing job with your diet when you don’t reach your calorie goal one day. The truth is that you’re actually doing more harm than good. You’re not thinner because you didn’t eat all your calories; you’re hungry. This means you’re more likely to binge and ruin your diet.

You’re Not Eating Breakfast

I’m not sure how many times we have to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to get it through your mind. It is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t have breakfast, your metabolism never picks up speed. If your metabolism is slow, your body and mind are slow. If those are slow, you don’t lose any weight.

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