Doctor’s Advice for Keeping Kids Healthy

Moms, do you ever think about how much simpler life would be if we were doctors and we never had to panic when our kids cough? That would be nice, though I’m not sure it would actually work since we always worry about our kids so much. However, if you want to try and worry a little less, here’s a great way to do that. Doctors shared their best advice for keeping your kids healthy year-round. Thank you, doctor, for finally telling us something we understand!

Teeth Brushing

It’s okay to sometimes forget and to let the kids go all out on the candy during the Halloween holiday, but you have to brush your kid’s teeth twice a day. It may be a struggle. It may be miserable. There may be a lot of tears. Your kids probably don’t like it either. However, you have to make them brush (or brush for them if they’re young) twice a day. Not only are kids with clean teeth healthier, your wallet will appreciate their cleanliness.

Antibiotics are Not Always Necessary

Sometimes you just have to let your kid’s illness run its course. If it isn’t anything serious, you need to refrain from giving them antibiotics. Giving them medicine when they don’t really need it promotes resistance to antibiotics, which means your kids won’t get better with the help of antibiotics when they really do need them.

Don’t Panic Over Ear Infections

I’m not a doctor, and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I hear my friend’s talk about their concern over their kids’ ear infections. They don’t even have two or three a year and they’re already assuming they’ll need tubes. According to doctors, a few infections throughout the year does not require the insertion of tubes.


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