Deal With Chronic Sinus Infections Once And For All

Sinus infections are terrible.  They make you feel awful and account for many sick days each year.  It also seems that some people are more prone to getting sinus infections than others.  If that is the case with you, then there may be a reason that you are getting them over and over.  The trick is to identify the underlying cause of the sinus infections so that you can fix it or at least get it under control so that you have to deal with sinus infections much less frequently.

A lot of times, people that suffer from sinus infections also have allergies.  The best way to find this out is to see an allergist.  An allergist is a doctor that specializes in treating people with allergies.  They can do allergy testing on you to see if you have allergies and if so, what you are allergic to.  Once you know what you are allergic to, you can avoid your triggers or at least minimize your exposure to them.  Your allergist can help you to work out a medication plan to help you have the best relief and not suffer from chronic sinus infections.  They may wish for you to start weekly allergy injections or at least put you on some prescriptions medications to control your allergies.  When your allergies are under control, you will get fewer infections.

Avoiding people who are sick is a helpful tip to follow to help you keep from getting repeat sinus infections.  A cold can easily set up a sinus infection as can other illnesses.  Following good hand washing practices is also helpful.

If you still have sinus problems despite these measures, it might be time to discuss having testing done on your sinuses with your family doctor.  A cat scan of your sinuses might reveal abnormalities that can be corrected through surgery.


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