Creative Workout Ideas for Busy Women

I love to workout. Nothing makes me feel better than taking care of my body except for feeling more energized and better about myself after every workout. The only problem with working out when you work from home, have a husband, two kids under the age of four, and a cat is that you have very little time to fit in a workout. I always have a child under me needing something, or a phone call interrupting me, or an editor contacting me for something. Since I like to workout early and get my energy levels up, I’ve had to come up with some creative ways to get in a good workout before the morning gets away from me.

Immediately Out of Bed

I used to hate doing this, but now it’s my favorite part of the day. When my husband wakes me up each morning, the first thing I do is hit the floor and do 25 pushups. After that, I get up and do 100 jumping jacks and a few lunges. Then I shower and drink my coffee. I feel so good after doing that, and it motivates me to do more when I have a few minutes.

Two-Minute Exercise Routine

While I’m standing in the kitchen making fruit pancakes for my little girls, I use that time efficiently. While I’m waiting for the pancakes to brown on each side, I do lunges and squats for the duration. I love the feeling I get doing them and the fact that I’m doing two things at once.

Cleaning My Teeth

I spend two minutes brushing my teeth. What else can I do with two minutes to spare? How about a calf raises? I spend the time I brush my teeth working my leg muscles.

When I have the time, I do yoga. We always take a long family walk each evening to round out my workout for the day. Being a mom makes it difficult to get in a good workout, but it doesn’t stop me from getting some workout in my day.


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