Controlling Your Temper Before it’s Too Late

Most everyone has a temper. Whether yours is somewhat easily reached or it’s something that takes a long time to reach its peak, you have a temper. Maybe you don’t show yours by yelling or becoming visibly angry, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a temper. It’s good to have one; it means that you’re standing up for what you believe is right and that you care about things in life. However, if yours is a little bold and sometimes hard to tame, it will do you good to learn how to control your temper before it’s out of control.

Exercise Your Temper

If you can’t get your temper under control, it’s time to figure out how to do so. You can do this by exercising your temper away. Walk away from a situation when you feel your temper reaching its boiling point. Take a walk, head to the gym, do some yoga or go for a jog. Any type of physical activity is going to help you release your anger and control your temper more appropriately than how you probably would if you stayed in any particular situation.

Count to 10

Before you open your mouth to speak the next time someone causes your temper to rise, could to 10. You’ll have time to control what’s about to come out of your mouth, think about what you’re saying and eventually make better decisions about what it is you want to say.

Consider This

People have a way of making you angry and blowing your temper out of control. It happens. Sometimes people are just rude, ridiculous and out of line. However, before you respond to them consider a few things; consider their burdens and their background. The person who you are about to lose your temper with might actually not be a a bad person, perhaps she’s having a terrible day after learning of burdens or maybe her background has caused a dark moment in her life.

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