15 Common Signs of Stress

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There are at least 15 common signs of stress. It’s important to recognize all of them and what to do when they appear.

Breathing difficulties


If you’re just out breath that’s one thing. But if you’re having trouble breathing then you might need to take a seat and slow your breathing. If not, seek medical attention quickly.

Panic Attacks


If you find yourself having a panic attack it’s time to sit down and breathe slowly, in and out. Once calm it’s wise to find out what causes this, since determining your triggers is important.

Eyesight problems


This could be a medical condition, but it is also due to a form of stress. Less screen time is a typical diagnosis these days.

Sleeping Issues


You might be taking too much on your shoulders. Lack of sleep is a serious problem that can lead to bigger issues.

Muscle Aches


Do you work out enough, too much? Determine what the cause is, then adjust your lifestyle if you can.

Chest Pains


If chest pains are persistent it’s time to head to the doctor. You might be doing too much.



This could be a medical issue or a result of improper nutrition. Like it or not, our bodies aren’t as tolerant when we get older, and gastrointestinal stress is a literal pain.



Something downstairs isn’t working right, and believe it or not, stress can contribute to this. When your body enters panic mode it will produce a wide array of effects.



Your body can and will go into shutdown mode to preserve necessary functions. Unfortunately, this means leaving other parts of itself vulnerable, which can lead to sickness or possibly loss of control of other functions.

Weight Gain/Weight Loss


Stress can cause you to overeat or not eat at all depending on your reaction to it. Sometimes it’s best to slow down and understand what’s causing this condition. This is actually one of the more disturbing signs of stress.



Your body will panic in very different ways. Rashes are the result of your immune system going haywire and trying to fix things that don’t require fixing.



There are a lot of reasons to sweat, but if you’re not exerting yourself or are too hot, there might be a problem. If this happens you need to assess what’s going on in your life.

Changes to Menstrual Cycle


Stress is invasive and unfortunately, this means that it will trigger responses that will confuse your system. It doesn’t always mean a woman is pregnant, but then again, pregnancy is a different kind of stressor.

Existing Physical Health Issues Worsen


If you already have pre-existing health concerns then stress isn’t going to do you any good. It’s time to listen to the cries for help your body is giving and get help.


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