Common Reasons People are Diagnosed with Cancer

 (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Nothing is more important to you than your health. Really; it’s not. Without your health, you have nothing; especially when it comes to cancer. It’s a very real possibility that many of us will be diagnosed with cancer of some sort at some stage in our lives, but how do we know it’s us? How are you supposed to prepare for something this monumental and devastating? The truth is that you can’t. However, you can educate yourself as to the most common reasons you might be diagnosed with cancer to help you understand your risks.


Unfortunately, some forms of cancer are just genetic. This doesn’t mean you’ll be diagnosed with cancer at any point in your life, but it does make you more susceptible to cancer. For example, a woman whose mother, aunts or grandmother suffered from breast cancer is twice as likely to be diagnosed with the same type of cancer at some point in her life. What can you do to stop it? You can start by having regular breast exams and talking to your doctor. In fact, you can even elect to have surgery to remove your breasts long before they have the chance of developing this genetic disease.

Environmental Factors

Some cancers are caused by outside factors that you can control. For example, if you smoke cigarettes, you’re more likely to suffer from lung cancer. All you have to do is stop smoking cigarettes to significantly minimize that risk. Other forms of cancer such as mesothelioma are caused by work conditions. Know where you work and what kind of risks you’re exposed to. Always use safety gear and consider a safer job.


What we do know is that most of those diagnosed with skin cancer are diagnosed because they spend far too much time in the sun without protecting their skin. If you work in construction or another outdoor, spend time outside or love to be in the sun, protect your skin. Wear light layers, wear sunscreen, wear a hat and wear sunglasses.


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