Celebrities Who are in Amazing Shape

This world famous pop star keeps her body in shape in rehearsals, hitting the gym and by eating a healthy diet that doesn’t allow her to overindulge on a regular basis.
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Jennifer Lopez
Her assets are well toned thanks to her famous trainer, Gunnar Peterson. His favorite way to work the curvy and gorgeous star is with squats of all kinds, lunges and other exercises that focus on her lower body. And she should thank him; the rest of the world does.
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She bikes, she dances, and she trains. When she’s at home or on the road she tries to spend at least 25 minutes per day in the gym and she never allows herself to avoid exercise less than four days a week. That would explain her killer physique.
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Celebrities always look glamorous, gorgeous and perfect with their incredible bodies. However, not all of them are in shape quite as much as photo shop and airbrushing lead us to believe. Many celebrities have flaws just like the rest of us. Well, except those who are actually in incredible shape. Read on to find out which 12 celebrities are really in incredible shape.
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The Rock
I’m sure his wrestling career in days past has a little something to do with his amazing body. However, the wrestler turned actor basically does nothing more than train for his roles to make his body look how it needs to look and then he maintains that body in the gym at least five days a week.
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Cameron Diaz
Does she age, ever? No, not at all. She spends three to four days a week in the gym for an hour at a time sweating with her personal trainer. When she’s not in there, she’s enjoying herself on the water surfing her way to a gorgeous body.
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Channing Tatum
Mr. Tatum trains hard. He runs, works out at the gym and he has a personal trainer who makes sure he works hard every day of the week for at least an hour to maintain this gorgeous body.
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Kate Hudson
Even after two kids she still has one of the most amazing bodies in all of Hollywood. She does it by taking Pilates classes, joining spin classes and she loves Core Fusion.
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Kelly Ripa
The pint-size television host has what we can only call the world’s most amazing arms (they’re even better than our first lady’s…you know it). She attributes her insane body (she’s had three kids!) to Soul Cycle and spending an hour a day working out with her personal trainer.
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Maria Menounos
The television host is known for her killer and curvy body. She stays in amazing shape by doing creative workouts at home that involve dancing and having fun. When she’s not doing that, she’s working hard with her trainer.
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Mario Lopez
Who cares how he does it? Let’s just look at him topless for a few moments and enjoy the sight. The former Saved by the Bell star attributes his amazing body to frequent workouts, a healthy diet, and chasing his two little ones around the house.
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Nicole Scherzinger
This is one Pussycat doll with a killer body. She showed it off a few seasons back when she took home the mirror ball trophy during her season of Dancing with the Stars and she’s not hesitant to continue showing it off thanks to her trainer’s belief that building muscle is the most important exercise regimen.
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Ryan Gosling
He wasn’t always so in shape, but thanks to daily 2 hour workouts called Muay Thai MMA training, he’s transformed his skinny body into something chiseled, muscular and pretty sexy.
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