How to Calculate Your BMI

One of the most important aspects of your health is your BMI, or body mass index. Your BMI is a calculation of your body fat as factored based on your height in conjunction with your weight. This number is far more important than the number on the scale in terms of losing weight. You can be thin and have a BMI that’s too high. To calculate your BMI is simple, and it’s something you should do on a regular basis to ensure that you’re as healthy as possible.

Start by stepping on the scale. Don’t subtract 5 pounds for breakfast or that little bit of bloat based on your upcoming menstrual cycle. Write down the number that appears. Next, measure your height. Again, don’t cheat because you secretly want to be a bit closer to model height. For the sake of example, we’ll use 118 pounds and 5’3.

Convert your height into inches. At 5’3, that makes me 63 inches tall. What you do now is square your height in inches. For example, that would mean multiplying 63 by 63 for a total of 3,969. You will now divide your weight by your height squared (118 divided by 3969 = .02973041). Finally, you will multiply the answer to this math equation by 703 (.02973041 x 703 = 20.9). This final number is your BMI.

Now…what are you supposed to do with that? You’re supposed to find out whether or not you are healthy. Use this BMI chart to figure it out:

<18 – means you are underweight

<18.5 – means you are thin for your height

18.6 – 24.9 – means you are perfect

25-29.9 – means you are overweight

>30 – means you are obese

This chart will provide you with the information you need to figure out whether or not you are healthy for your height and weight so that you can begin working on your fitness and health.

Here is a video that will help you calculate your BMI:

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