The Best Ways to Deal with Allergies While Traveling


Allergies are a bona fide nightmare on a good day, and they’re even worse when you are traveling. They are like the thing that makes you want to crawl into the fetal position and go home crying, lie in bed and feel miserable for most of the day. Allergies can make you miserable, and they’re never fun to deal with. I have developed them on a slight basis as of late, and few things help. Benadryl helps, but it makes me so tired all I want to do is sleep the night away, so it can only take it at night. Other allergy meds are a bit too strong. So basically, I suffer. Traveling can be a difficult moment in which to deal with allergies, which is why so many people have to find ways in which to deal when they are in the middle of a vacation or business trip. Fortunately, we have a few strategies that might work for you.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Allergies are different. We are not all sufferers when it comes to pollen and we don’t all suffer from food allergies. But some people do suffer food allergies, which means it might make more sense to bring your own snacks when you are flying or getting in the car to travel.

Wear a Wide Brim Hat

Did you know doing this will prevent pollen from touching your face and getting into your hair? It won’t prevent you from feeling the effects of being out in the pollen, but it can greatly diminish the effects you feel because of it.

Carry Eye Drops

Sometimes the most difficult thing to deal with is your eyes. They’re easily dried and tired when traveling in the first place, and being near pollen can make that worse. Do yourself a favor and bring with you additional eye drops to make your travel a bit easier.

Carry Meds

Don’t assume you can go out and buy the meds you might need when you travel. Carry them with you and use them when you feel your allergies begin to bother you. It’s the best defense.

Prepare in Advance

You might think that you’re good to go on a plane if you are allergic to animals, but people with disabilities are permitted to bring theirs aboard. Be ready for something like this to occur and have some medication on you just in case.

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