The Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is good for your health. Everyone knows it and everyone says they’re going to do more of it. Your doctor asks you to eat more fruits and vegetables to get more potassium and protein and vitamins and other important nutrients, but what it doesn’t always resonate with everyone.

Would you feel differently about eating more fruits and vegetables if you knew what other health benefits it had to offer you? Health benefits that extend beyond the realm of names you can’t pronounce into things that you understand and immediately see the benefit in? Yes, I thought you might be interested.


Apples are good for many reasons, but the one that might make you most inclined to have that apple a day is the fact that it really does keep the doctor away. Apples help to give your body the ability to resist infections, allowing you to live healthier.


Eating bananas gives you plenty of nutrients, but it also gives you energy. And who doesn’t need just a bit more energy on a regular basis?


Break out the whipped cream and the chocolate and get to dipping. Strawberries are a great food for fighting cancer and aging. Whether you want to decrease your risk of cancer in the future or you simply don’t want to look old any sooner than you absolutely have to, strawberries can help.


If you eat an orange, you do wonders for your skin tone and your vision. Whatever the many nutrients found in oranges are, they help you look your best and be able to look with your best.


We all love a pineapple – especially as a garnish on a cute glass on a tropical beach far away from home and reality – but did you know that regularly eating pineapple can help you fight the signs and symptoms of arthritis.

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