Being Lonely is Detrimental To Your Health

Watching what you eat, exercising enough and steering clear of the nastiest of bad habits is a great way to live, but if you’re not doing it with people you love, you aren’t really living because you are lonely. In fact, when you live a solitary existence, studies prove that you are living a life that is detrimental to your health. Friendship and love are vitally important when it comes to your health. If you’re a loner, it’s time to make at least one good friend with whom you can share the good and the bad; it’s good for your health.


Being lonely causes stress. Even if you think you are perfectly happy to live a solitary life, it’s hard on your stress level. Living without friendship means you probably don’t have anyone to call when you are successful and anxious to share your good news. It also means you have no one to make you laugh and take your mind off of the bad things in life when you’re feeling down.

Effects of Loneliness

According to MSN Health, studies proved that being lonely on a regular basis is as unhealthy for your body and your mind as smoking 15 cigarettes each day or being an alcoholic. Of course, having a bunch of friends and being an alcoholic is the same thing, so maybe that doesn’t work for you (I kid…). Even if your friends get on your nerves, they won’t kill you.

Loneliness Decreases Quality of Life

Brigham Young University performed a study in which results showed that people who live a lonely life are as much as 45 percent more likely to lose the ability to walk or climb stairs as they age. You don’t want your quality of life to suffer because you chose not to have friends. They may get on your nerves and make you question if you are a narcissist, ( check out – is narcissism genetic here in this blog) make you crazy and blow up your phone; but they will keep your quality of life looking and feeling good.


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