15 Bad Hygiene Habits That Could Actually Make You Sick


There are at least 15 bad hygiene habits that could actually make you sick. It’s important to take care of yourself daily.

Showering once in a blue moon


You’ve got to think about this practically. You sweat, your body exudes a natural odor, and when you perform basic functions, the smell can linger. It’s not just however, the less you shower, the more bacteria can grow, and that only leads to worse things. 

Not taking care of your teeth


When you eat or drink anything, something is usually left behind. Brushing and flossing, and even using mouthwash, is meant to eliminate that stuff and keep your teeth, gums, and tongue healthy. It’s better than having to gum everything if your teeth rot out. 

Not washing your bedding


Laundry is kind of a chore, isn’t it? Not only that, if you’re diligent about it then it never stops. But bed sheets need to get added into the mix since like anything, they can collect all types of nasty stuff that grows from whatever your body leaves behind. It takes so little time to wash and avoid any complications. 

Take your makeup off before going to bed


This feels like it should be common knowledge but, well, sometimes it’s been a long day and people just want to nod off. The problem with this is that not taking off your makeup can clog your pores and do serious damage to your skin. Especially with eye makeup, it’s important to wash everything off before your head hits the pillow. 

Washing your undergarments is important


Think about it, these articles of clothing touch your tender parts all day. Keeping your clothes clean is important enough, but keeping your underwear clean is vital when it comes to your health.

Don’t leave your contact lenses in that long


Sure, you need to see, you want to maintain your stunning eye color, whatever. But unlike glasses, contact lenses directly contact your eyes, which means that they need cleaning and your eyes need a break at times to avoid any unwanted complications.

Use different towels per shower


It’s common to use a bath towel a few times before it hits the hamper, but it’s still not a good idea. A few times is one thing, but if you’re using the same towel week in and week out it doesn’t matter if you let it dry, it needs washing after scrubbing your body clean so many times.

Sharing your razor, toothbrush, or hairbrush


When it comes to personal grooming, make sure the stuff you use on your teeth and hair is all yours, and no one else’s. True, sometimes these things are expensive and it’s more cost-effective to share, but it’s still gross, especially since you don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s mouth, or what they might have in their hair. Bad hygiene aside, sharing this kind of stuff is like asking to get a disease.

Wear flip-flops in public showers


We’re taught to do this in high school, well, most of us were. But the problem with this is that all the stuff that comes off of other people in the public shower could easily cause several diseases and skin conditions if you’re walking around in it.

Wash your produce before consumption

Plain water is fine to scrub your vegetables and fruits, but the importance lies in the handling of them. How many people have picked those items up? Are there still lingering traces of pesticides? Instead of playing sickness roulette, just give your items a quick rinse before consumption.

Wash your reusable water bottles


This should go without saying since anything you put into a water bottle is going to pass on the flavor to the next drink. Of course, if it’s always water then it’s not a bad thing, apart from the fact that whatever bacteria you have in your mouth can transfer to the bottle and cause all sorts of problems. Wash between uses and be safe about it.

Take proper care of your eyelash extensions


So yes, this isn’t a problem that everyone has, but it’s still one that needs addressing. One would think that people who wear these would know how to stay safe, but reports of glue in their eyes, literally, is something that might cause some folks to swear off this accessory.

Washing your hair is necessary


So while it’s true that washing your hair too often can damage it, not washing it all can do the same. The smell is the first indication that something is wrong, while the bacteria will continue to collect and possibly lead to infections and hair loss. It’s more than just bad hygiene, it’s just plain gross.

Changing your tampon is vital


This feels like it should be something that women take very seriously, and many likely do. The fact is that during a busy day, many people forget a lot of things, but leaving this in your body too long can lead to a slew of complications that might end in death if things become too serious. In this case it’s not just bad hygiene, it’s a serious matter.

Learn when to toss your kitchen sponge out


It’s not tough to think that a kitchen sponge is going to be unusable after a while. Sponges pick up a slew of items that can, over time, collect all types of germs. Thankfully, sponges aren’t too expensive, so learn to replace them often. Some might question if this is bad hygiene, but it’s more like common sense.


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